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Mexico , Saturday 24 February 2018

News Mexico » Morelos: Mexico looks to boost trade with China as NAFTA talks falter

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

An infamous case is the 40% Chinese-owned Dragon Mart retail complex. Construction of this joint China-Mexico venture threatened fragile wetland ecosystems on the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park outside Cancún on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula ...

News Mexico » Morelos: Mexico launches bidding to reinforce dispatch

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

Mexico's government has issued a call for bids to build power transmission infrastructure across the states of México, Morelos, Puebla, Oaxaca ... BNamericas develops thousands of news articles, analyses and features every month, always concentrating on ...

News Mexico » Morelos: I Knew After The School of Authentic Journalism That my Journalism had to be Greater Than Me

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

I have very fond memories of Mexico, Morelos, The School of Authentic Journalism Class of 2011 and the opportunity to be exposed to a different kind of journalism. Today, the School is fighting to make a bilingual 2018 School happen, and you can be a part ...

News Mexico » Morelos: Mexicans Concerned Over 'Inconsistent' Quake Alert System

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

The Sept. 19 magnitude 7.1 earthquake originated in Morelos, a state neighboring Mexico City, where the Cocos plate is already beneath the North American plate. The sirens were heard just seconds before it was felt, but some people didn't hear it until the ...

News Mexico » Morelos: 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Mexico, no Casualties Reported

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

According to the country’s civil protection agency, 94 persons were dead in Mexico City, 71 in Morelos state, 43 in Puebla, 12 in the State of Mexico, four in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca.

News Mexico » Morelos: Popocatepetl volcano eruption update: Is it still erupting? How far is it from Mexico City

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

The Popocatépetl volcano - located in the Central Mexican states of Puebla, Mexi and Morelos - spewed a kilometre-high column of ash into the sky following Friday’s terrifying quake in the southern state of Oaxaca. One of Mexico’s most active peaks ...

News Mexico » Morelos: Magnitude-6 Earthquake Strikes Central, Southern Mexico

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Publication date: onday 19 February 2018

In Mexico City, and in the states of Mexico, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelos, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Chiapas, no damage had been reported so far, although authorities were still assessing the situation on the ground, the National Coordinator for Civil Protection ...

News Mexico » Morelos: Plans for New US$1.7 Billion Power Transmission Line in Mexico

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

The transmission lines will cross the following states: State of Mexico, Morelos, Puebla, Oaxaca, Mexico City and Veracruz. The estimated investment is US$1.7 billion and it will have a transmission capacity of 3,000 MW at a voltage level of 500 kV.

News Mexico » Morelos: Mexico Declares State of Emergency in 33 Oaxaca Municipalities

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

... magnitude earthquake cut power supply to 1.3 million homes and businesses in Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Oaxaca, Guerrero and Morelos, according to the authorities. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto called an urgent meeting of the ...

News Mexico » Morelos: Quake alerts no substitute for resilient buildings, communities: Mexico scientists

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

However, on Sept. 19, Mexico City’s 21 million people had only a few seconds’ notice of a 7.1 magnitude tremor that struck closer in nearby Morelos, killing more than 330 and damaging 11,000 homes in the capital and surrounding states. New algorithms ...